Morse Code Numbers

Morse Code Numbers : If you want to learn how to convert numbers into Morse code, then you have come to the right website. Here we will teach you how to convert numbers from zero to nine in morse code.

With which you will be able to easily convert any number to Morse code. Before converting numbers from zero to nine in Morse code, we will know what is Morse code and what is its use?

Morse code is a confidential code language, as its name itself suggests that it is a code language, which it is necessary to learn to read and write.

With the help of this language, you can send messages in confidential language. In this language, the message can be conveyed through electric wires, sound waves and light. The short sound of the message sent in this language is called dit and the long sound is called dah.

This language is used to send confidential messages quickly in Army, ships and war situations. Currently, it is also used to communicate with people with no vision. Morse code language is not less than a boon for the blind.

Morse Code Numbers
Morse Code Numbers Chart

Let us now learn to change the number to Morse code in easy language

zero to nine actually very easy to memorize. we start with 0 to 9. okay first understand that number zero to nine you will have five pulses.

so suppose you want to transmit with number one. so 1 is one dot and then four dash. Similarly, there will be two dots for 2, three dots for 3 and four dots for 4 and the remaining dashes.

There will be five dots for number 5, in which the dash will not be used. After the five number, the same process will be repeated for digits from 4 to 9, the only difference being that now the dash will be replaced instead of the dot and the dot will be replaced into the dash.

For example, there is a dash for number 6 and then there will be four dots. Similarly, there will be two dash for 7, three dash for 8 and four dash for 9 and the remaining dots.

There will be five dash for number 0, in which the dot will not be used. If you want to learn Morse Code, you can use Morse Code Translator which is totally free.

Morse Code Numbers Chart

NumbersMorse Code

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Morse Code Chart

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